Rain, Rain, Go NO Stay!
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Monday, August 13, 2018
By Catherine Marie Photography

It's raining.  AND raining.  And you know what that makes me think of? Flowers!  Well, it used to.  I am originally from Illinois.  Midwest.  Corn.  Cubs. Farmland. And beautiful Mums and ornamental grasses.  But no St. Augustine grass.  Prickly, drought tolerant, runners?  Runners in Illinois are on the street in Nike shorts, sweatshirts and shoes.  Grass in Texas is not what I am used to.  Either is the gardening.  I can't do it! Between clay and rabbits and droughts, the only thing I can grow is a scrappy Dusty Miller.  So today, I am grateful for the rain that will bring some life to my grass and the sparse landscaping I have.  But thank goodness for 1-800-FLOWERS because I can stop by there, buy a bouquet of Roses and bring that beautiful gardening into my home with no hassle.  AND this year, I got to stop by 1-800 FLOWERS and photograph their ad image.  I had an amazing time with a few Tallenettes outside 1-800-Flowers.  I am grateful for the local businesses supporting Allen High School.  And grateful they can find flowers in fall!

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