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About Me

You want to know about me? Well, what you should know about me is I want to know about YOU! I love people. I love your eyes, your smile, your laugh, your dreams, and so I want to know about you. And my favorite way to get to know you, the real you, is to take your picture.

I've taken pictures since before I can remember. I took 8 rolls of film on my 6th grade adventure week. I have always owned a camera, and always loved photography.

After sixth grade... life got more serious. High school, college, marriage and the pursuit of a boring career in sales. Trash bag sales! Then came dogs, and kids, and transfers. I left my career, and started loving life. And getting back to photography.

My kids were my inspiration to pick up my camera, you are my inspiration for my business. I know I can capture the most beautiful version of you! I've had three seniors!  I know what seniors want, and I know what their mom wants.  I can walk you through every step of your senior portrait experience, from digitals for yearbooks to outfits to wall art.  I will take care of you.

99% of my images are taken outside, even headshots. It's easier to relax outside, and the sunlight is the best light, and I love God's backdrops more than my black, white and gray sheets.

Oh....and my full name is Catherine Marie Fruit. Now you won't forget me!